Monday 13 March 2006

Vancouver has it all

What a fantastic weekend of weather. Admittedly, I spent most of Saturday indoors, tidying a bit, baking a bit and I don't know what else. Sunday, though, Elder had a party at Grandview Lanes, a bowling alley on Commercial Drive. So I rode over there, in shorts, with Son in the trailer and dropped him off. I was then free to stroll up and down Commercial Drive, sit down, have a coffee, browse the delis, bookshops and grocers and generally enjoy the early spring weather.
Freedom is overrated, and once I got bored with it, I went back to the bowling alley and waited until the party finished. As I waited I realised that the alley was actually 5-pin bowling - something you don't get in the UK and that I hadn't tried for over 20 years. So I had a couple of games by myself. It's great fun - much more skill required than 10-pin bowling.
After the party we cycled back home. The views from Commercial and along 10th Ave were spectacular: It was a crisp, clear, sunny day and the Lions' ears were looking particularly perky. The whole thing reminded me of the motto on a souvenir mug I bought during that trip to Vancouver 20 years ago - "Vancouver has it all" - isn't it. Hmmm.

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