Monday 20 March 2006

Man with a Mission

Went to a place called "Mission" over the weekend. It's on the way to Hope. If you ever find yourself there with energetic kids, the Fraser River Heritage Park on the east side of the city is nice - what it lacks in playground toys (it has none) it makes up for in mud piles, open spaces and the interesting remains of the original Mission after which the city is named. Plus, it has cracking views of the Fraser Valley, the Skagit mountains and the northern Cascades including Mount Baker.
The ferry across the Fraser River at between Fort Langely and Albion is also fun, although the queue lasted longer than the ride. At least it's free!
And finally, you could do a lot worse than go to Hava Java for a coffee afterwards - it's in a strip mall next to Safeways off Highway 7 on the west side of town. Their coffees were significantly better than Starbucks.

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