Thursday 9 March 2006

Things to do in Victoria

We went to Vancouver Island for the weekend and had a great time, although Youngest was not well. We found a great spot for keeping the kids quiet for an hour or so: Victoria Bug Zoo.
They have a good collection of creepy-crawlies including giant stick-insects, hissing cockroaches and beetles that play dead. You can touch or hold some of the creatures, under the supervision of a knowledgeable guide who communicates well.
 One creature they have that was new to me was a Vinegaroon - a really cool Arachnid that looks a bit like a scorpion and can squirts concentrated vinegar out of its arse. Every chip shop should have one. Which brings me nicely to the other cool place we went - Willow's Galley - an unpreposessing shack on Estevan Ave in Oak Bay that does great halibut and chips.

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