Thursday 3 May 2012

Siri for Dummies?

Searching for a book on the Apple iTunes bookstore the other day I was surprised to find that there are books available describing how to use Apple's electronic concierge service Siri, including Siri for Dummies.



Siri is supposed to be this fantastic new user interface that just does stuff you want. It's supposed to be intuitive because you just ask it questions. It seems a little odd, then, that you should need to read a book to work it out.

I guess it's not Apple's fault that people have chosed to write books - a large part of the publishing industry is built around rapidly jumping on bandwagons with the first 50,000 words that spring to mind. But on the other hand, these guys know when there's a market, don't they.

Douglas Adams was right about so many things. Like Wonko the Sane and usage instructions for toothpicks, this makes me want to climb outside the asylum.

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