Saturday 2 September 2006


One of the things I have to say I've been looking forward to since we started our family is spending time with the boys doing more grown-up things. Nothing too ambitious, just simple things like sitting having a chat over a cup of coffee (or a mango smoothie) or having a quick lunch in a restaurant that isn't painted in primary colours.

So today was a real treat. Mrs had a day off and went shopping (a novelty in itself) and the boys and I went off to find a barber, a coffee and to see what we could see. We went on the bike and the boys both sat in the trailer - they're getting a bit big for it now, but were very well behaved.
We ended up on 4th avenue, Kitsilano, meandering along the street, looking in shop windows and watching the world go by.

We stopped off in the Book Warehouse and found a fantastic book called "Skippyjon Jones" by Judith Schachner. A hilarious story about a kitten with a wild imagination. Elder and I then had our hair cut at the Kitsilano Barber's and we had lunch at a little chinese diner. Then we cycled home. Simple pleasures, but great fun (apart from the revolting nappies).

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